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Benefits on Airport, Railways for Honest taxpayers in India

Benefits on Airport, Railways for Honest taxpayers

After the Implementation of GST in India there are a lots of rules changed for taxes as they are Income Tax or Goods & Services Tax. Also government gives strict rules for business persons. And made an atmosphere where every business man payed their taxes in all the forms and due to that Indian government get more growth in their treasury. But now Government of India planning to give something back that honest taxpayer of India who gives their valuable money to the government in form of taxes. As per an article on Indian express, government planning to give some benefits or we can say some priorities to tax payers of India on different places as on airports, railway stations and also on toll plaza.

This is one of the good initiative to motivate other business of employed persons to motivate them to pay their different taxes even they are in small amount. Last week a committee was organized and who is working on this concept. But at this time this proposal is in initial state. And needs lots of work done.

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And the final decision will be given by Prime Minister of India and union cabinet will give important decisions about benefits for honest taxpayer on airports, railways and toll plazas.

Aadhar & Pan benefits for Taxpayers

Also as per the article, there are some chances that government might give some unique identification number to that list of honest tax payers and that might be linked with their other id’s like Pan card or Aadhar or UIDAI card so that they can avail their benefits easily right after the service desk.

The data is huge as there are lots of tax payers in India as approx. 8 crores. But current government of India wants to starts these benefits for honest taxpayers by the end of this financial year (April 2019). After starting this service in first phase, then the rest of taxpayers will be added in the priority benefits list periodically.

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