Top 4 alternatives to buying a Single-Family Home in 2021

Detached single-family houses are common in the US and makeup over 60% of residences in the country.


A single-family home is a detached, site-built home. A site-built home is used to refer to a home that was built at its location. All the components are brought to the outdoor location and assembled outdoors. It can be distinguished from manufactured homes and modular homes.

A detached house also called a stand-alone house or single-detached dwelling is a free-standing residential building, as opposed to a multi-family residential dwelling. Detached houses have no shared utilities or common walls and have direct access to the outdoors.

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Detached single-family houses are common in the US and makeup over 60% of residences in the country.

There are both pros and cons of single-family homes. The pros include having a lot of privacy and space. There is less invasion and you have better control over your house. However, the maintenance costs are all borne by the owner. It is also very likely to be more difficult to heat when compared to homes with shared walls.

If you feel that the single-family home is not for you, there are a couple of alternatives that you can explore.

  1. Condominiums

Otherwise called condos, they are in a multistory building are similar to rental apartments. Side by side condos may look like townhouses. However, Condos are different in that when a person purchases a condo, the buyer has sole ownership of the walls and everything inside the unit, including joint ownership of outdoor and shared spaces.

  1. Co-operative buildings

Buying a cooperative building (or co-op for short) qualifies you to own an individual unit in a building or development.  Co-ops are not just apartment buildings; in reality, they are more classified as a kind of homeownership rather than a home. What your stock is worth will be dependent on the value of your unit and the structure of the co-op’s individual unit.

  1. Multi-family houses

A multi-family house has units that share utilities such as basements. They are not clear cut out like the single-family homes. Multi-family houses are often twin houses – duplexes, which have two units that are usually side-by-side. They are mostly always owned by one person, also. Sometimes, the owner occupies one part and looks out to use the other as a rental apartment.

  1. Modular homes

They are similar to single-family homes but instead of being built on-site from the ground up, they are built-in pieces that are usually brought to the location.

Each kind of home has its pros and cons. You must only decide to choose what is best for you.

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