7 Steps to Drive Your Courier Business from Home

Courier service companies are using a courier service software to help them manage the delivery operations since everything works online these days. You can choose from a wide variety of courier software that you can download for free.

Courier Business from Home

These days, a wide variety of startup businesses are just around the corner. And right from looking at them, you probably would realize how it feels like to run your own business and be your own boss. Well, it may not be as easy as you think but here’s a brief guide to walk you through the process.

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When starting up a business, consider the list of profitable  investments that may only require a competitive capital and attainable operation. Driving a courier business from home can be a good start for fresh entrepreneurs like you. With high demand of delivery transactions across the globe, courier business can definitely become financially rewarding.

Courier Business from Home

Follow these steps for the fastest way to operate your courier business from home:

1. Invest on vehicles and equipment

First things first, you need to have your source of transportation. Most delivery lines invest on  vehicles that should vary in depth and capacity. Get a motorbike for small packages, a courier van for medium-heavy boxes, and trucks for large-heavy loads. The more choices of vehicles, the more types of loads you can occupy and deliver. Do not forget to get these vehicles insured in case of accidents. When it comes to delivering large packages such as washing machines or refrigerators, you have to choose the right equipment to support you and protect fragile packages. It could be a moving blanket, a dolly, a rampage, or a trolley cart to help you move objects to avoid getting damages.  

2. Hire professional delivery drivers.

Running a courier business requires manpower. If your business is a sole proprietorship type, then you must hire at least 2-3 delivery drivers and helpers to work for you. You have to be very particular when it comes to choosing a delivery driver owing to the fact that the sake of your business is in their hands. Hire someone who is experienced, dedicated, tech-savvy, and someone who knows how to drive carefully and follow the rules on the road.

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You may also consider installing GPS unit on each vehicle so you can monitor your driver’s behavior while your customers can track real-time delivery.   

3. Find the best courier service software

A lot of courier service companies are using a courier service software to help them manage the delivery operations since everything works online these days. You can choose from a wide variety of courier software that you can download for free. Routific is an example. It provides a database that contains features such as route planning and scheduling, mileage tracking, and customer information.

4. Create your business name

With over thousands of business names established today, it is important to know if the name that you are about to use hasn’t been taken yet from a different company. You can use some free business name generators online to help you create your unique title.

5. Inquire for business permit/license

After settling your business name, you are now eligible to apply for your business permit. Having a legitimate license for your business helps you attract customers and gain their trust, knowing your business is secured and has a permission to run for service. States may vary in honoring a business permit so you can drop by the municipal office where your business from home is located and make some inquiries on how to register your business.   

6. Reach your target market

Now that your business is all set, it’s time to let everyone know the service that you can offer the public. You can start with your social media accounts to let your friends and followers know your business existence. Share photos of your deliveries and fill captions with your services and contact details for interested clients. You can also attach your posters on each of your delivery or private vehicles to call the attention of people while on the road. Another way to reach your clients is to negotiate with several businesses that demand delivery services.

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7. Create your website

Similar to creating your business name, you also have to generate a unique landing page for your website. Use free generating tools to check your domain name availability. Having your website is another way to build connection to a larger group of customers online.

Guest post by Sarah Contreras

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