E-finance just like banking, insurance and mortgage lending has been reported to grow at an astounding speed in the future. E-finance is a reproduction of the remarkable growing of the internet. In some years like five years, the World Wide Web grew to the level of ubiquitous from the level of rough recognition and has become what everyone is using in business transaction, communication and sharing of information everywhere in the world.

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E-finance will help in the empowerment of businesses and consumers and will enable the cost of transaction to reduce, also in the process of documents very fast, a quick access to online information.


E-finance can conveniently get the efficiency improved and also reduce the physical business function cost which can be the management of contract labour, expense reporting and the procedures of the time and billing. It will also help in the provision of information about the consumers and also helps the engagement of one to one transaction by the companies which would enable them to direct the experience got online to meeting the needs of the customers. The bill on the electronic record keeping and signature by the congress for the purpose of making the online business between the customers and the companies very easy. The bill passed will make the provision of technologies that will help in the transmission of fingerprints scan electronically.

Loans can now be shop for on web by the companies, building leasing and health insurance purchase can now be done on web by the companies for the employees.

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Tasks that would take more than two weeks, phone calls that are endless and even man power work and paperwork would be handled matter of hours or days using the web.

In the estimations on people online in a year in America by the IDC, there would be about 44.4 million households by the end of the year, it population has grown from 12.7 million since 1995 which makes the rate of rowing to be around 250 percentage in 5 years and the industry experts said the internet traffic gets doubled every hundred days as internet has become everyone day to day life and activities.

The E-finance represents the newest type of investors as it gives everybody the power to get their money and assets managed and expose them to financial news and investing data. And because of this, the online firms on brokerage keeps on booming and the financial news sites keep on getting more traffic. The Jupiter communication reported that the stocks trading by many households will increase in fivefold in 1998 from four million to 20 million in 2003 which gives an insight that over 40 percentage of the United States citizens would be trading stock online using trading account by the end of 2003.

In a recent speech of Arthur Levitt which is the Securities and Exchange Commission chairman said that ‘’a new breed of investors more informed and more inquisitive is emerging from the information age, never before have Americans had so much available to them at the click of a button.’’

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Using the E-finance for the insurance and real estate has gone viral. Many home buyers and owners can use the web to find information on properties online and also find out about the best lenders online with affordable mortgage payment and down payment. Home buyers compares the interest rate, mortgage rate and down payment of different lenders online to know the best agreement to get engaged in. the terms and conditions of different mortgage lenders can also be gotten online and getting the terms compared with another mortgage lender has been enhanced by using the web in E-finance.  Information on refinancing of homes or cars or any property can also be looked up online and information on how to about the refinancing are all provided online by each lenders web by opening accounts with them. Free brochure on the refinancing can be gotten online by visiting the information centre. The guide on refinancing will help any home buyers or car owners to get the refinancing cost determined to know if the refinancing is worth it or not. The Chief executive officer of the Fannie said that power is given to consumers and lower cost choices by Financial deregulation and E-commerce.

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