How to Earn money online from Apps – Android/IOS

Some of the online earning apps gives you affiliate options like when you insist someone to installing and using that app in their android phone then the sponsor company will pay you as per download number count.

Earn money online from Apps

Now when we all are surrounded by apps of different categories and also want start our business platform as earn money online from Apps. Then we will suggest you some best quality apps which will pay you online on using their services. And using them on your mobile phones. Most of the apps in our list are Android apps.

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Also some of the online earning apps gives you affiliate options like when you insist someone to installing and using that app in their android phone then the sponsor company will pay you as per download number count.

How to earn money from apps?

Meanwhile, some other online earning apps will give different option to work with and earn some percentage money. We will list that app best quality apps here down in the article:

How to Earn money online from Apps

 List of online earning Apps:

  • Swagbucks
  • Magicpin
  • Paribus
  • Ibotta
  • Inboxdollars
  • Ispos
  • Foap

Now let’s discuss about all these listed apps and their speciality on earn money online via apps.


Swagbucks is one of the best survey apps. And people need to give their answer on different question in different kind of reviews and after complete successful survey, you will get paid into your Swagbucks account. From there you can transfer your money easily to your bank account.

Also Swagbucks is available for Android as well as IOS mobile devices. So you can download it for free from your Play store or App store directly to your mobile.


Magicpin is a Indian community app, that offers you cashback money as you upload your bill receipt on the app. But the condition is you have to upload your selfie at inside the place and also have to upload the bill receipt there. Magicpin offers different kind of cashback value from 5% to 50% cashback from billed amount.

All the bills will be processed within 24 hours and money will be added to your magicpin wallet. From there, you can recharge your mobile phone or pay mobile bills. And also can convert into coupon that you can redeem on different store as available.


Paribus is also an interesting app to get back your cashback money. In Paribus, suppose your bought some items from store or online ecommerce. And after that the sale starts on there and the price of that item goes down.

Then in that case, you can upload your bill to Paribus, and then this app will compensate the money which is getting in sale price. So in that case your cashback money will be added to Paribus wallet.


Ibotta app works almost same as Magicpin app but the only difference in that is like from your cashback money in Magicpin, you can only recharge or pay mobile bills or can get coupons for different palaces.

But in Ibotta app, your cashback money will back to your back accounts from different sources. So this is the advantage of using ibotta app.


Inboxdollars is a search engine app that gives you money when you surf websites or search something using Inboxdollars search engine from the app.

This app is for Android users.

Ispos app:

This is also somewhere relevant to swagbucks app but the different is here you will get polls which you can answer and get paid for that. In Ispos app, daily different polls will be organised and the users gives their opinions on that selected topic likely to choose their relevant answers from the options and then they will get paid. In these type of opinion apps, most of the questions or polls are from political center.

Ispos earned money will be transferred by Paypal etc. to bank account.

Foap app:

Foap is a photos selling app and you will have paid when your photos get approved and sold out. This is also an amazing app to earn money online. You can just examine daily life things and can click some shots if you find something amazing or abstract kind thing and that can be sold on Foap app and you will make some extra money from here.

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How to make money from apps affiliate?

Some of the popular apps in online atmosphere, providing their referral or affiliate links and they want to their users to spread the links and give them maximum download and the name of these apps are:

  1. 9Apps
  2. Vidmate
  3. UC Browser

Along with that a number of apps are promoting themselves by using affiliate system. But these three apps are really good in giving money at best among other marketers. You can get their referrals from uc-union. But you need to have a website to get approved.

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