Facebook revenue drops on Black Friday due to glitches in Ads system

Advertisements as Facebook normally tend to review some items manually (human review). Sensitive contents such as copyrighted materials, product branding, art and feminine products.

Facebook Ads system down to handle black Friday sale

Ahead of Black Friday, Facebook Incorporation has experienced glitches in its Ads system. The Ads management technology, which is used by various retailers, companies and agencies to purchase Facebook Ads, was reportedly down for most of its users earlier on Tuesday. Glitches and technical issues surfaced just before the Black Friday 2018 event.

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It is believed that the issues experienced are well related to the Black Friday event. Most stores must put in all possible means to convince shoppers to patronizer their products and in lieu of this, various advertisers of different retail shops, companies and agencies have reportedly flooded social medias (including Facebook), email inboxes and other online platforms to display and promote their products ahead of the event.

Facebook is of most importance in digital advertising market due to its large user base. Stores like Best Buy and Walmart will attempt to lure shoppers into their stores.

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Black Friday is a well known time period that follows the thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving (day) is an annual national holiday, celebrated on different dates in some countries. It is observed in countries such as the United States of America, Canada, Caribbean islands, Saint Lucia, Liberia, Australia and some other countries. It is celebrated in Canada on second Mondays of October, the fourth Thursday of November in the US and various dates in other countries.

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It is assumed as a time to offer thanks and prayers for blessings of plentiful harvest and the past year. Although, the thanksgiving day is a legal holiday, the black Friday may not an holiday. The black Friday is one of the busiest online shopping season of the year. During this period, retailers and online shops record high increase in earnings due to increase in the spending volume of consumers. Many retailers and shops offer discounts and promotional sales to increase their earnings and patronage.

Facebook Ads system goes down

According to a user, the outage system has been down for 8 hours. The company has acknowledged this issue via a post saying “We are aware that some people are having trouble accessing the Ads manager, We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible”. More update from the campaign has stated that campaigns that are live and running should not be affected and currently being delivered.

According to some users, the system is now up but performing slower than usual. The outage on the Ads tool have left potential advertisers unable to create new ads campaigns before the “high-demand level” event. The outage of the Ad tool worrisome to most retailers and advertiser who have experienced a stall in their plans towards to the event.

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It is also perceived the outage will significantly put more delays in approval of advertisements as Facebook normally tend to review some items manually (human review). Sensitive contents such as copyrighted materials, product branding, art and feminine products. It is also worthy of note that Instagram, owned by Facebook, was also down to some users earlier on Tuesday.

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