Finance Careers in India, Canada | Types & Salary

Finance Careers in India & Canada

Many people ask the question about what a finance degree holder can do. Finance is the study of how assets and liabilities affects business. It is also the study of how investment creates funds. Get to know about all Finance Careers in India & Canada with their salary in respective locations & work type.

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As a finance degree holder, there are many careers under finance. A finance degree holder can work in any sector as mush the sector or the company executives are using money to run the affairs of the company. A finance degree holder can work in Agricultural sector, accounting, law, and medical, administrative, educational to mention a few. They work anywhere money is use as the financing of the company.

Types of Careers in Finance

There are careers for two set of individuals in finance. We have the non-graduates and the graduates but since we are talking on what to do with degree finance, the careers for a graduates would be discussed. Here are the careers or work you can do with finance degree. You can work as an accountant, fund manager, financial manager, risk manager, insurance manager, financial controller, and auditor. You can also work as a career adviser in financial sector.

Finance Careers in India, Canada | Types & Salary

Accountant: you can work as an accountant so long you have a finance degree certificate and certified by some institute like CFA, American Institute of Certified Public Accountant. I do not need to talk so much about what an accountant does to a finance degree holder. You can apply to get work as an accountant in any company that uses accountant in their management of money or finance activities so long you have your finance degree certificate. It gets easier for you if you have been awarded certificate for certified public accountant by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant (AICPA).

Financial manager: the purpose of this individual in any business sector or organization is to provide report on every transaction made by the organization with the funds. He accounts for how money are being used on investments and the amount of returns the company has. A finance degree holder can work in this sector and use this as his career.

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Finance controller: this is a major individual under the finance manager. A finance controller controls and head all the financial activities of the company. They work hand in hand with the executives of the company on how the finances of the company should be kept. They provide report for special financial activities of the company. This is a very good and a major career as a finance degree holder.

Auditor: this is a good career too under finance as you would provide very necessary accounting for how money enters the company and how money leaves. You do not have access to the money, though, but you would be able to get the accounting officials should give you the report on how money is being spent.

Insurance manager: a finance degree holder can also choose insurance manager has a career as he would be able to see to the company risk being covered by the insurance company. He gives the company advises on how to get the company assets secured and cover up any risk that might come up in the future.

Risk manager: this is quite different from insurance manager. Insurance manager looks for way to cover up the risk of the company being faced in the future by natural disasters while a risk manager sees to how to cover up any risk involved in any investment the company is going into. They see to how the company is going to minimize the risk of the company not going into bankruptcy.

Career adviser: a degree holder in finance can work as career adviser in school or any educational sector that teaches finance as a topic. Advise students in the finance line on the career to choose in finance.

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A finance degree holder faces the problem of not getting employed due to working experience which most company want to be at least 5 years. You can try studying further if it’s just the bachelor degree you have. Companies prefer individuals with master’s degree over bachelor degree holder. They also consider individuals that have been certified in some professional courses like CFI and AICPA.

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