Finance interview questions

Finance interview questions

 The purpose of asking finance interview questions to get the employers convinced that you really studied finance and know what finance is all about. A company will not want to employ an amateur or who does not know anything about finance.

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The company as well will not want a finance amateur handle the affair of the company as the finance sector manages the money of the company and how to generate revenue for the government, run the affairs of the company properly. There are many finance questions employers ask their candidates. In the section below, I will explain the questions they ask and how you can also prepare for it. Many corporations might not even ask you what is finance, they will ask you practical questions.

Finance interview questions

Example of question that can be asked is this; if our company needs a capital for an investment worth of $15m and the money in the company account is just $4M, how would you help us to raise funds for the investment and help us analyse the risk that might be involve in your answer.

This is an example of practical question to be asked, it is now left to you if you would decide on any of the financing structures or practicing the hybrid and stating the risks involved in each of the structures.

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Finance interview questions and answers

  • Motivation and inspiration: Employers often ask this question; what motivates you or what inspires you. One mistake people do when answering this question is that they talk about the money involve. An employer will not employ an individual that is driven by money in the company. Money does not get you to be successful, it only drives you crazy. The answer to this question should be your passion for the financing work and how you want to make impact in the finance world. Many employers find this opportunity to dig in to their employee view of finance.
  • Greatest achievement: This is always important in any interview apart from finance sectors. Interviewers tends to want to know what your greatest achievement is. Like I said before, no employer will want to give job to an amateur. Your achievement can be related to any projects that you have done successfully and how you have won the contract. Many employers want to know if your achievement is in line with the role you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for the role of finance manager and the employer ask you what was your greatest achievement and you are now telling the employer how you saved or revived a man that was dying. This is not in line with the role you are applying for.
  • Overcome obstacles: Employers always ask this questions to test the candidates’ ability in overcoming challenges or hurdles in their career. How you have particularly overcome some challenges in the finance career should be stated carefully and analytically.
  • Your remarks from your previous co-workers: In situation like this, the employer wants to know how well you have worked other workers and how you have related with them in the course of working with them. You should how your previous co-workers would give remark about you with the way you have worked with them in the past. Employers often ask this question to know if you would be able to work with their workers and how tolerant are you in working with people.

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  • How you can make the role you are applying for that other candidates won’t be able to: This now depends on your inner ability and your experience in line of finance career. You are expected to give the employer a cogent analysis on how you can make things better and you would be able to raise fund for the company without involving any high risk or the fare of losing their money to any investment.
  • What type of stock to choose and why would it be chosen: This is a secret that you should know today, most employers love risk takers because they believe the higher the risk the higher the return if the investment should turn out well. It is now left to you to decide if you are a risk taker or you just an individual that love playing it safe.
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