Finance manager job description and salary

Finance manager job description

The main work and purpose of a finance manager salary is to aim at looking for investment opportunities for a company, make sure all the financial transactions in the corporation are legal, finance manager job description also prepare the financial report of a company as well as checking the investment data and ways to expand the profit window of the organisation. Finance manager also make recommendations on how the company should be financed and how the money should be spent.

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If the company should go into debt financing or equity finance is totally the work of a finance manager. He advises the company on the best way the business should be run to get a maximised profit at the end of the business year. It’s totally the work of a skills required for finance manager not to make the corporation go bankrupt and also ways to revive the bankrupting corporation into place. He advises the company how to run a business that is financed on debt. At this time, a finance manager earns between $100 – $150 per hour.

Finance manager salary

Before any corporation or organisation can hire a finance manager to manage the affair of their business finances, they need to be sure of the individual competence. How does this work to get the company convinced that the individual is capable and competent to take up the job as the finance manager job description, to get them convinced that they can leave the financial management of the company into the hands of the individual?

Finance manager job description and salary

The company believes that the company would go bankrupt if the financial affair of the company is not well monitored or managed so they need a good finance manager. So what do companies require from a finance manager?

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Financial manger colleges

The individual must have at least a bachelor degree in accounting, economics, finance, office practices and must have worked and have an experience in any of the working field related to financial management. Working field like loan officer, accountant or as an auditor. Most company would prefer to employ an individual with master degree in economics over an individual with bachelor degree in finance because they believe the former is more experienced than the latter.

Companies also need someone with financial certification. That is, an individual with certificates showing he or she has learnt and qualified to work anywhere and he or she is experienced. Some certificates are the ones issued by CFA institute; they award certificate for chartered financial analyst. Another institute that issue certificate is the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants; they give certificate for certified public accountant. Another institute well known for this is the Association for Financial Professionals; award certificate for certified Treasury professionals.

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All these certifications are what a company would look into before employing and skills required for financial manager.


Skills required for financial manager

With all the certifications listed above, the company would still want to look into the individual personal skills if he is good in communication, analysis, calculations, working with teams that is organisational skills.

Communication skills: as a finance manager job description is, who would have to be presenting the company data and investment proposal to the company officials, you must be very good in communication. Communication skill is one of the most important skill a finance manager should have. He should know how to get information passed across well to the company officials.

Calculation skills: this should not be a problem to any degree holder in finance, economics or accounting especially the ones that have work experience in auditing and accounting. Calculation and maintain records are the first skills required for finance manager and person must be very good in calculation. He should know the amount that should be coming in for the company on the basis of percentage when it invests.

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Organisational skills: In finance manager job description, candidate should be able to work with teams. Finance management is all about team work. He would need to work with financial accountant, the company accountant, the auditors, the company bond breakers, the company shareholders. He needs good team work to get along well with the officials of the company.

Analytical skills: as to expect great finance manager salary, you should be good in work and financial analysis. You should know how to analyse investment data for the company shareholders or the company owner on how to go about investment, the amount to put in investment, the profit from the investment, the time span to get the profit, the risk involves in the investment. Investment chat is one of the way to get the analysis done.

You must be a very good observant of the investment going on in the country and not only the country but in the world. Have a very good understanding about all these investments and get the statistics of the rate at which it grows.

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