Google finance

Google finance

Just like the yahoo finance, the Google finance is a website launched by Google in 2006. This websites comprises of the business news and headlines on enterprises for all finance sectors including the personal finance apart from the corporate and public finance which it features on a daily basis. In the corporate finance and public finance, Google finance shows their decisions on finances. The securities news are also present. Securities like the stock, shares, bonds and options.

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Over the years, Google finance has been ranked as part of the top fifteen personal finance information websites and it is almost the same thing with the information of the finance provided by the yahoo finance. In this site unlike yahoo finance, has links screened as it combines the Google blog search and Google news articles on corporations. The Google finance also has an adobe flash base that contains the stock price on its charts which holds the marks for critical news events and how the corporations take action. The unscreened links in the Google finance always not to be trust worthy.

Google Finance Portfolio

On December, 2006, Google launched a refurbished version of the Google finance and this features allows users to see information on currency on the new homepage and also shows the performance of the markets of United States and the top market movers list alongside with the relevant news of the day. Based on the popularity which was determined by the Google trends, they added a section of the top market movers or the movers in the market. This upgrades which the Google added, it shows the data chart of the united states of forty years.

Google finance

An update was later added and this brought the real time ticker information to the site on stocks. In 2008, the NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange collaborated with Google.

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In 2012, the Google finance portfolio blog got closed due to lack of undergoing any major upgrades apart from the upgrades of 2008. People assumed it was discontinued because of the lack of the Google finance operators to attend to bug reports and also act on the bug reports. But in 2017, Google came up again to announce that they are still renovating the website and made it clear that the features of the portfolio will not be available after towards the ending of 2017.

Google finance portfolio has a number of finance page which features the markets, portfolios, news stock screener, recent quotes that are for each individual on its search engine.

After the news in 2017 that Google finance was undergoing renovation, another news was updated in the early year of 2018 that the Google finance homepage has been renovated. In the news, it goes thus that there will be availability and opportunity to get stocks added to the new Google finance from the portfolio and also give the chance of downloading in CSV format the full portfolio and this can be imported during the transition period into other services of the portfolio and confirmed that feature of the portfolio was going to be removed.

Google finance news

Over the years, the users of Google finance news have been estimated to be forty million in numbers which placed them to be in fourth position unlike the yahoo finance which is in the first place with seventy million users and visitors.

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Google finance news made its name known once and convince people that it will help in driving advertisement revenue and also owned by goggle but even if the users and followers of the Google finance are still loyal, it is still way behind yahoo finance that has stated its mission clearly to assist users with investment information and decisions of the investment in the financial market and also gives a wide applications of detailed information as well as current information to help its users.

One of the advantages Google finance has over yahoo finance is that it has and emphasizes more on the chart capabilities of the stocks. Another advantage is that it offers a high comprehensive quotes on stock market real time.

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