HDFC FlexiPay Explained – Features, Eligiblity, Fees & Charges

Interest-free credit is only for 15 days Tenure plan. If the user chooses tenure of 30, 60, or 90 then they have to pay interest at the end of FlexiPay tenure. 

HDFC FlexiPay – Buy Now, Pay Later

FlexiPay – Buy Now, Pay Later is introduced by HDFC Bank. Here pre-approved HDFC Bank customers can get a paperless loan from 1000/- to 60,000/- rupees. You can use this credit for your in-store purchases and online purchases with the help of your debit card. 

You can see the FlexiPay checkout option on selected merchants’ online selling websites. Initially, few online merchants are available with this option. The first 15 days of interest-free tenure is the best features of the FlexiPay loan.

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HDFC FlexiPay eligiblity criteria

Now only pre-approved HDFC Current accounts and Saving accounts are eligible for these personal loan offers. If you are having a new HDFC bank account holder then it might take some time for your account to be eligible for HDFC Flexipay loans. 

HDFC bank approves accounts on the basis of their account balance maintained and the number of transactions you process for credits and debit via bank branch and debit cards. You should have to continue using your HDFC bank saving account as your primary account then you might get approved for FlexiPay – Buy Now, Pay later loans.

HDFC FlexiPay features 

FlexiPay gives an instant paperless loan facility of rupees 1000/- to 60,000/- rupees to its pre-approved HDFC Bank customers. You will get a first 15 days interest-free period. If you choose the 15 days tenure in HDFC FlexiPay then you don’t have to pay any extra interest charges. Only the loan’s principle amount has to pay via HDFC bank account or that will be auto-debited on the 16th day like 15 days Tenure selected while processing the loan. 

After that, user can select their loan tenure as 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days. And the interest charges are as 70 rupees per month on a purchase of 3000/- from FlexiPay. 

NOTE: Interest-free credit is only for 15 days Tenure plan. If the user chooses tenure of 30, 60, or 90 then they have to pay interest at the end of FlexiPay tenure. 

Along with that 18% GST will also be charged on the interest amount in all tenures. 

There is a late payment fee penalty if the user fails to pay the FlexiPay loan amount on tenure time. Now customers have to pay 3% as the penalty of total outstanding due plus 18% GST of the penalty amount. If customers want to close the HDFC FlexiPay loans then they have to pay 4% charges of outstanding amount plus 18% GST on that charges. 

HDFC FlexiPay merchants

FlexiPay is a widely used personal loan. But you can also process it directly from approved merchant’s checkout pages. Currently approved merchants are Myntra, Bata India, MakeMyTrip, CureFit, Lakme Salon, Zebrs, Big C Mobiles, Skull Candy, Urban, ladder, RoyalOak Pvt Ltd, and much more. 

Caution: Read all banking-related documents and contact the respective bank for more clarification and details about loans. 

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