How to apply for a Credit Card?

How to apply for a Credit Card?

Almost every person is using a credit card at the moment. It has become pretty common to have a credit card in your name. Some people use credit cards from multiple banks. Getting a credit card is a pretty easy task nowadays. One get frequent calls from the customer care of different bank with offers to lure customers. We can apply for credit cards through both offline and online systems. In the offline method, one can visit the bank and submit a credit card application form to the concerned customer care executive. The bank asks for documents before rolling out the card to the customer.

Firstly, you must be an adult, i.e., more than 18. Banks generally don’t offer credit cards to people who are above 70 years. Some standard documents the banks ask for are a pan card, Aadhar card, address proof, and the bank statement for the last six months. They will also examine the credit history before rolling out a card to the customer. One can apply for a credit card online, also. We have to visit the website of the bank in which you want to avail of the credit card. If we have an account in the bank, then it gets easier.

We can log in to our net banking, look under the offer section,n and apply for a credit card. Another way is to call the customer’s card and request a credit card. They will initiate the application and send the salesperson to you to collect the documents and the application form. It is always to check the charges related to the credit card. Now many banks are offering lifetime free credit cards, meaning one does not have to pay any renewal charges yearly to continue using the credit card.

But in this case, one has to use the credit card to a specific limit for some successive months to get it free for a lifetime. Customer care people from different banks tend to call pleas asking if they need a credit card or can apply through them.

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