How to Earn Money from Amazon – As Affiliate & Seller Accounts

Amazon Affiliate account is totally free to operate but Amazon Seller account is paid as 39.99$ per month + other advertisement fees per sale & taxes.

Earn money online from Amazon

Amazon is one of the best way to earn money online these days. As competition is growing day by day so things are getting much more complicated as comparison to few years back. But Amazon brings us the new opportunities to grow your online career and earn some profit. In this article we will tell you all details about earning money online from Amazon ecommerce websites.

Amazon is one of world’s largest ecommerce website and also having some store in United States of America, and sells items in almost all countries in world like India etc. It gives option for people to joining Amazon network and earn good money.

How to earn money from Amazon?

Amazon e-commerce websites gives two option to earn through online platform and that are:

  • By Amazon Affiliate
  • By Selling items on Amazon

Both of the options of earning or setting up business career at best but both of them are completely different in each other. And also the requirements for both are totally not related to one another. But both i.e. Amazon Affiliate & Amazon seller are 100% genuine online earning sources. And comes with amazon security of payment like if you work genuinely here then your payment is for sure.

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Earn money with Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate is one of the world’s largest affiliate network and a number of people using it and earning good money. To become Amazon Affiliate, you need nothing to do just register yourself on Amazon Affiliate account and that is totally free and easy.

amazon affilaite earning

Here you have to promote amazon products anywhere like on your Facebook profile, page, Instagram profile etc. Also if you have a website then you can also promote products here also. And only needed to just share the affiliate links to your account and when someone purchases that goods from here then you will get the predefined percentage money from the goods price.

Also all of the categories on Amazon have fixed affiliate percentage. Like for example if you promote books from your amazon’s affiliate account then you get 8% of price on item.

Steps to Register as Amazon Affiliate

  1. Click on Amazon Affiliate link, and you will be redirected to registration page, there click on Join Now for Free.
  2. Then if you can login to your Amazon account or you can create new one if you don’t have.
  3. Account information: Now you need to give your complete information like your name, address, mobile number etc.
  4. Website & mobile app: Here you’re needed to fill minimum one of your website & mobile app details, in websites you can also add your Facebook profile, page or Instagram page link:
  5. Next part is to choose the preferred products from the list which you want to promote & some more details about your website or profile that will be easy and everyone can fill.
  6. Now click on Finish button & your Amazon Affiliate account is ready.
  7. Now create affiliate links of products which you want to promote or advertise and get money in your wallet.

Earn money by selling items on Amazon

As everybody knows, Amazon e-commerce is biggest marketplace in the world and have wide number of customers. So selling your items on Amazon website will really be beneficial if you have some kind of store or seller earning

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Selling on Amazon is really easy these days and also you can register free on seller account. But amazon cuts some percentage per sale that is advertising money and charges and taxes. But you need not to pay anything here. These deductions will be from sold items. Along with that Amazon charges 39.99$ per month fees from you.

Steps to register as Amazon seller

  1. Click on Amazon Seller Central and click on Register now button in front.
  2. After that you can login to your Amazon account or can create new one if you want.
  3. Then fill with your legal name or Business name to proceed.
  4. In next step, fill with you address, website (if any), phone number etc.
  5. In third step on Amazon Seller account, you have to fill payment information so that you monthly 39.99$ will be charged.
  6. Next step is tax information, so you have to give all exact information for tax, like in India it wants GST number.
  7. After that you have to list your products category and some examples or demo products to get approved.
  8. Now you Amazon seller account is ready to go. Start selling here and get good profit.

So these are two ways to earn money online using Amazon largest e-commerce network and this is 100% genuine earning source. Also, Amazon delivery van will collect the product from your store when you get an order and they will delivery the product and your profit money will be added to your Amazon account and you can withdraw it to you bank account.

If you’ve any queries, you can comment us below and we will look into that.

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