Is Accounting hard?

Yes definitely Accounting is a hard major thats why only few can qualify that. But in positive way, if you learn systematic accounting then you will find it interesting.

Is finance a hard major?

Talking of the fact if Accounting is a hard major. Personally, I would say accounting is not a hard major. Looking at all the career opportunities finance provides, someone does not need to look at the hard part of the study. Accounting is a nice major if the person studying it loves it as a career. When someone majors on studying finance as a course, it provides a wide variety of opportunities and also gives someone the chance to explore all other courses because, in all businesses or work including companies, they prefer to employ someone that majors on finance to anybody that just think finance is about counting money or managing money.

As much as every human’s opinion differs, I would still try to convince that finance major is not a hard course and give anyone the opportunity to decide if finance is a hard major or not or if studying it even if it is hard really worth it. There are many career opportunities the finance major can have and some of them are listed and explained below.

Reasons why people think Accounting is hard:

  1. Accounting is the same or equal to maths. 
  2. Accounting works with different algebra & related concepts.
  3. Accounting jobs are only men oriented jobs. 

Let’s discuss some points in detail to understand the concept behind accounting jobs and careers. 

Accounting is equal to maths: 

There is a lot more difference between accounting and maths but also there are few similarities. As both the terms used for the same purpose but in actual Accounting is the little part from Maths. Only basic mathematics is used in accounts.

Accounting revolution and enhancements:

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence, Softwares and outsourcing programs change a lot more things in Accounting and make it easier to understand and manage. 

Undefined working hours:

When you’re working on the accounts department or planning to build your career in Accounts then you should be prepared for that. Because there is no pre-defined working schedule for the Accounts team. An Account needs to work beyond working hours and schedules. Also, some companies follow strict rules for the working time but in most private-sector jobs you can see the work pressure on Accountants. 

Now let’s discuss different jobs under Accounting

Finance controller: when someone is needed to control the financial activities of a company and also head the financial activities, the financial controller which majors in accounting under the finance manager is mostly called to handle this task. Their salary is enough to convince or make anyone think twice about not studying finance even if it’s a hard major. The finance controller work in unity with other financial security members in discharging his duties and how they protect the finances of the company. Their major work is to provide a report for all the special financial activities of the company.

Accountant: a graduate of a finance major can also work as an accountant since there is a certificate that certifies him to be a chartered accountant by some institute like the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant (AICPA) and CFA. An accountant is a popular occupation so there is no need of me talking much of the career. The career that some people spent three to four years studying, a graduate of finance major can also apply for the job without any prejudice along he or she is registered. It gets easier for all finance major graduates so long they are certified by some finance institute.

Auditor: Auditor is a professional from a finance major that studies auditing as a course under finance. The major work of this profession is to provide every necessary document on how money leaves and enters the company accounts. An auditor does not have full access to the money but they know how money in the company is spent.

Financial manager: finance manager is one of the most prominent and well-recognized professions in the line of finance major. The main work of this profession in any finance company or institute is to create and provide a report on the company’s transactions made by the company with the funds provided or at hand. He gives the accounts for how money is spent in the company and also makes the decisions of how money should be spent in the company.  

Reasons why finance is a good major

  • Individuals who are major in finance or have degrees in the finance major or who are studying finance major as a course in their undergraduate studies have the opportunity to concentrate on a particular organization but rather can get involved in many businesses. Many organizations like schools, hospitals, government organizations are looking for individuals with a finance major.
  • In public finance deals with how government revenue is been generated and how the government expenditure leaves. The government is always in need of finance major individuals who can help in the analysis of the revenues better and get the government informed about investment opportunities.
  • A finance major individual gets high payments for work done than any financial member who engages in financial analysis as it is believed that a finance major knows better in financial analysis. Statics says as, in 2012, a finance analyst who is finance major gets a payment of $77,000 per year and gets payment as a personal adviser to personal finance at the payment of $67,000.
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