Is finance a good major

Is finance a good major

Yes, I would say finance is a good major because it gives you the opportunity to explore other fields with jobs opportunity. Finance gives you more knowledge on other related course like economics, business management, office practice and accounting. There are wide varieties of jobs opportunities for an individual that studies finance as a major. Some careers that a finance major graduates can do are;

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Accountant: you can work as an accountant so long you have a finance degree certificate and certified by some institute like CFA, American Institute of Certified public Accountant. I do not need to talk so much about what an accountant does to a finance degree holder. You can apply to get work as an accountant in any company that uses accountant in their management of money or finance activities so long you have your finance degree certificate. It gets easier for you if you have been awarded certificate for certified public accountant by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant (AICPA).

Is finance a good major

Financial manager: the purpose of this individual in any business sector or organisation is to provide report on every transactions made by the organisation with the funds. He accounts for how money are being used on investments and the amount of returns the company has. A finance degree holder can work in this sector and use this as his career.

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Finance controller: this is a major individual under the finance manager. A finance controller controls and head all the financial activities of the company. They work hand in hand with the executives of the company on how the finances of the company should be kept. They provide report for special financial activities of the company. This is a very good and a major career as a finance degree holder.

Auditor: this is a good career too under finance as you would provide very necessary accounting for how money enters the company and how money leaves. You do not have access to the money, though, but you would be able to get the accounting officials should give you the report on how money is being spent.

Reasons why finance is a good major

  • Individuals who are major in finance or has degrees in finance major or who are studying finance major as a course in their undergraduates studies have the opportunity to concentrate on a particular organisation but rather can get involve in many businesses. Many organisations like schools, hospitals, government organisations are looking for individuals with finance major.
  • Every company needs a financial analyst which gives an individual with finance major to get into any organisations to get job done for them. Most companies prefer a financial analyst to be finance major.
  • In public finance which deals with how government revenue are been generated and how the government expenditure leaves. The government are always in need of finance major individual who can analyse the revenues better and get the government informed about investments opportunities. It gives a finance major opportunity to participate in the public finance as public finance is one of the areas a finance major as study looks into.
  • A finance major individual gets high payments for work done than any financial members who engages in financial analysis as it is believed that a finance major knows better in finance analysis. Statics says as at 2012, a finance analyst who is finance major gets a payment of $77,000 per year and gets payment as a personal adviser to personal finance at the payment of $67,000.

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  • Finance major as a course gives you the opportunity to be specialised in your areas of studies. It makes you know so much about money. Apart from making you a specialist in your areas of studies, it also gives you the opportunity to know or have some basic understandings and knowledge about other related courses like accounting, economics, funds management and office practice. It also helps you to develop you communication skills as a finance analyst, communication skills is one of the skills you should acquire but with time you get involved in this communication with the company officials and executives, it gives you more skills on how to communicate. It also gives you the opportunity to get better every day in finance analysis.
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