Mariner finance reviews

Mariner finance reviews

To be eligible for mariner finance personal loan, a good credit score or point is not required but a financial history needs to be established. It is very easy to get access to loan if the lending standard is approved not by a computer programme but by a loan officer. The approval is usually charged with a particular price but depending on the individual personal situation, the price may worth it.

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Mariner finance personal loans usually range from $500 to $50,000. An asset is usually used to secure any loan that is up to $10,000 and more and this asset are usually personal property not a borrowed property as the licence and proof of property ownership would be required by the mariner finance. Mariner finance reviewsThe personal property assets can be boat, house, land or any useful assets that has low liabilities and increases in value with time. The mariner finance interest rate is usually around twenty-four percent and this can get increased to thirty-six percent although the interest rate is usually start at higher inception while some lender can start at lower threshold but might have to depend on your credit history which should be at least 580.


There is option of choosing any range of one to five years’ loan term if an individual is taking loan from mariner finance and this makes the individual to want to repay the loan back aggressively. When taking out a personal loan from mariner finance, an origination fee might be required but the origination fee varies from one state to another depending on where the individual lives.

Even as the mariner finance advertises their company as a firm that lend to poor credit individuals, there are some requirements they still request to be eligible for the loan. an individual with higher credit score like 700 can get a loan with good rates but an individual can have a minimum of 580 credit score as an individual do not need a very high credit score to apply for loan from mariner finance but the rates on the loan will be high.

Another requirement from the mariner finance is the minimum years of credit history which is always five years for the individual to be approved of loan. the mariner finance does not set minimum income level for their loan that is, it does not matter if an individual is a very low income earner, low income earner or high income earner which is usually set to be below 50%, 50% to 80%, 80% and above respectively and this is because most borrowers of mariner finance earn an income annually of $35,000 to $45,000

Debt to income ratio is not set but it is usually considered when the application of the individual is being evaluated by the loan officer. The securing of loan should not be forgotten by the borrower using a collateral if the borrower is getting a loan that is $10,000 and above.

As much as a borrower can get registered online from the mariner finance for personal finance, the borrower would still have to meet with the physical branch to get the application process complete. To get the registration or application started, the individual is required to log into the mariner finance lender website and get the application form filled out, some information would be asked from the borrower to provide, information like job data, social security number, income data and the closest branch of mariner finance to the individual. All these are done to get the lender convinced that they are not about to be scammed and the borrower is even at lower risk of being duped since he would still have to meet with the physical branch for their data to be presented on website application.

A check for funds to the borrower is received once the application for the loan is approved and the borrower is found to be eligible for the loan. Origination would be removed from the amount given which makes the borrower to receive a little bit less money than what the borrower requested from the mariner finance.

The payment can be paid back either through online or personally to the branch.

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