How Mortgage Underwriter decides you are eligible for loan?

Your income shows how much you earn and if you can afford to pay for your mortgage.  Are you self-employed, or are you an employee?


You have finally stopped house searching and made the perfect choice for yourself. The hard part is finding out that it’s not that straightforward. It’s time to begin the mortgage process.

It may not look effortless but understanding your mortgage process is the first step in making your home choice finally yours.

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Underwriting is an integral part of the home mortgage process because you cannot finish the process until your lender’s team finalizes the underwriting for your loan.  Here is how to begin your mortgage underwriting process.


The term sounds complicated, but underwriting means that your lender ascertains your assets, property, earnings, and debt information to grant the final authorization for your loan.

Your lender plays the most active role in underwriting, but you can contribute by providing additional information or documents.


An underwriter is a financial professional who looks at your finances and determines how risky it will be if a lender decides to give you a loan.

An underwriter helps the lender assess whether or not you be given the loan, and they will also work with you and see that your paperwork is complete. They will make sure you do not close on a mortgage that you cannot pay for.

An underwriter also assesses your overall credit score to look for things such as late payments, defaults, and more.


There are four things to be evaluated when trying to complete your mortgage process. Your underwriter looks at your income, credit, and asset data; this gives them a more detailed picture of who you are.

Your income shows how much you earn and if you can afford to pay for your mortgage.  Are you self-employed, or are you an employee? These things will be documented.

Appraisals ensure the house you want to purchase is in good condition and is worth the selling price. An appraiser will evaluate the house and get the needed information to analyze the features and state of the property.


Your credit score plays a significant role in this underwriting process. An underwriter will evaluate your credit score, which will determine how responsible you are when it is time to pay your debt. A good credit score is vital because it determines if you can pay back on time.


You can sell your assets for cash if you are behind on your payments. Lenders can also use assets to make sure you pay back on time.

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