Post finance

Post finance

The main purpose of post finance is making management of money easy for customers and this is why the post finance keeps on getting mobile and digital payment solutions developed.

Post finance happens to be one of the financial institutions leading in Switzerland and it’s the number in transaction of payments, also ascertain the flow of liquidity seamlessly. It serves as the proper partner for any individual that manages their own finance themselves. This management can be in the savings, payments, retirement planning and investments. It gives the opportunity of straightforward goods at favourable conditions to its customers. Which can be private or business. It also gives the opportunity of tailored solutions to its business customers along a value chain or whole of value chain.

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The post finance is a financial service unit in Switzerland and was started in 1906. It has its specialization in the international and national payments. It has its headquarter situated in Bern, Switzerland and it also serves in France. Some of the post finance products are private banking, wealth management, private equity, mortgages, consumer banking, investment management, investment banking, credit cards and corporate banking.

Post Finance bank

The post finance of Switzerland as it struggles to become the digital powerhouse of the country as it is the active investor in fintech space.

Post finance

The investment portfolio of post finance has a start-ups covering which is in different sections ranging from the lowest which is payment and go through investing to fundraising from insurance. Post finance has its earliest deal which was the money-meets which is the social trading stage where members and customers get to recommend strategies on investment to each other. In 2016, an investment took place and it was intended to expand post finance in know-how in mobile banking sector. Also in May, 2016, there is an acquisition of stake in raise-now by the post finance to get its foot in the fast rising digital market for fundraising. The purpose of raise-now was the provision of mobile and online fundraising solutions for the non-profit organizations and also for charities, and social activities companies. The raise-now had existed in 10 countries and had over 200 customers in those countries during the time they were during the deal.

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Post finance also had its investment towards sonect which is a location based on demand stage for withdrawal of money to get the customers have money using their smart gadgets from any neighbourhood stand like restaurants, stores or delivery service.

Post finance also invested in Lucerne-based Tilbago. This was the start-up that make the provision of software for the purpose of processing collection of debt proceedings. The deal was initiated in October 2017 and this made the post finance to get the solutions combined with its own accounts which are the postfinance smart business and receivable management tools. These enables post finance to get solutions to its SME customers which would help them in receivable accounts handling to be easier.

The post finance CEO who is Hansruedi Kong stated that the investment of the post finance with SENTIFI just last month was the ‘’scientific approach acknowledgement, product maturity of high technology and the potential market of the solution.’’. SENTIFI is the leading provider of crowd intelligence and it analyses the unstructured data and information from the social media and this data can be news feed, twitter messages or blog spots to create insights and visions on financial market to investors.

Post finance app

Post finance takes its activities to the form of joint organizations with international and local fintech start-ups. For example, post finance collaborated with the German peer to peer which is a lending platform which wants to bring the crowd landing platform of the SME to the market of Switzerland with the lendico Switzerland establishment.

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Although, the partnership between the post finance and the AXON IVY makes the launch of finform which is a joint scheme for the provision of software that makes efficient processing and verification of real time possible.

A social online platform for trading that has generated round the Switzerland and Austria, the German ventures wikifolio robo-adviser and Getsurance are all the foreign start-ups the post finance has invested in apart from the investment and partnership it made in with Switzerland players.

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