Reliance Jio beats Airtel for Indian Railways – Airtel 1.15% stock down

Bharti Airtel serving about 1.95 lakhs, Reliance Jio promises to serve for 3.78 lakhs for personnel at the railway. Airtel also faces a huge 1.15% drop in stock prices.

Reliance Jio beats Airtel

Providing the most economical and highly appreciated service for telecommunications is quite relaxing. Getting to use your mobile phone for all forms of researches requires having the right and most efficient tools for the job. The Bharti Airtel has been serving the Indian airways for six years and this scheme ends on the 31st of December, 2018. After this new of taking over railways by Reliance Jio, Airtel faces a huge 1.15% drop in stock prices.

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Following the open release of the Indian railways for the improvement in the data services ,the Reliance Jio telecom were able to beat the Airtel telecom to providing the essential need of the majority. This service provider Jio has promised to cut back their telephone bills, providing some free voice calls as also getting them a better data services.

Reliance Jio 4G plans

Reliance Jio got the deal based on the possible criteria that it will be able to provide a better data services to its customers. The telecom providers has divided its services into four distinct plans depending on the class and group of people making use of the railway service. The Jio telecom will provide a 30 GB plan priced at a rate of INR 67 per month since they make up the largest number of subscribers, a 45 GB plan for the joint secretary level at a rate of INR 99 monthly, a 60GB plan for the senior staffs at a rate of INR 125 per month, and they also offer their customers a bulk SMS plan to be charged at a rate of INR 49 per month.

Reliance Jio beats Airtel for Indian Railways

The Reliance Jio is said to kick-start work as soon as it is new year, that is, on thievery first day of the year. Since the deal with Bharti Airtel ends on December 31, Reliance Jio will start on January 1.

Reliance Jio Internet in Indian Railways

The ninth largest telecom service provider’s rate is quite cheaper than other service providers since it will give people more access to the internet at a more cheaper rate. If there is possibly a stoppage in data, the regular customers of Jio will only be able to get 25 GB for INR 199 and they will get an additional data of 1 GB for INR 20.

Other subscribers from the railway customers can get 2 GB data for about INR 10 after using up the earlier stated ratings of data above. The telecom company had made this far cheaper than any other companies could have and they have won the mandate to provide the Indian railways with excellent services.

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It is important to note that the data service for 3G and 4G networks are quite cheaper in relation to their of the other providers. As compared to the service provided by Bharti Airtel serving about 1.95 lakhs, Reliance Jio promises to serve for 3.78 lakhs for personnel at the railway. They also have the tendency of reducing the phone bill by 34% making it extremely cheap as compared to others. Reliance Jio is here to take charge of the railway service of India and make it less costly and easily accessible.

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