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The PTSD is a disorder which affects lots of people about 8.4 million Americans not to talk of the total number of people affected by this syndrome around the world.

Tonix pharmaceuticals

Getting a good sleep is one of the best things that can happen to a man in life. Without a good sleep you might be unable to go on with your daily activities efficiently. For people with the inability to sleep very well, they feel lots of pain and distress when they are meant to sleep. This is because the part of the brain responsible for the feeling of pain is the same with that responsible for the remembrance of painful experiences one may have had in the past.

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A person with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and some other chronic diseases may find is so hard to be able to be his or her normal self due to the disorder and he or she might find it so hard to sleep at night.

When the TONIX pharmaceuticals which was established for the treatment of diseases and other disorders related to pain and life treatnening issues. The company started with the development of drugs for different types of disorders such as fibromyalgia, PTSD, and others for about five years ago. The company was able to proceed the development of the drug which was focused on the treatment of the fibromyalgia which is a disorder which have been found to have no cure.

Tonix pharmaceuticals

It was observed that the drug produced at the last phase of the drug development was not strong enough for the treatment of patients that had the fibromyalgia disorders. It was later tested on patients with the post-traumatic stress disorder and it was found to be stronger and it was good for the treatment of this disorder. The failure of the drug to cure the fibromyalgia disease cause a reduction in the stock value of the company to about 60% which was a really bad state for the company.

In recent times, the PTSD is a disorder which affects lots of people about 8.4 million Americans not to talk of the total number of people affected by this syndrome around the world. The success of this program for the treatment of PTSD will make it the first drug to be produced after about fifteen years with no success in the development of drugs for treating PTSD. The Food and Drug Administration have indicated that the drug produced by the Tonix pharmaceuticals is on board with its design of the Tomnya which is believed to be able to treat individuals with the post-traumatic stress disorder and this will help to improve the lifestyle of people with this syndrome all over the world.

Tonix pharmaceuticals market stock

From the stock market value of the company, there has been an improvement in its investors share summing up to about 83% after it was licensed by the government to be a safe drug that is capable of meeting the needs of those with this syndrome without causing them any other problem associated with the drug.

If you have any post traumatic related issue, you should visit your doctor so that he or she can administer or prescribe the best drug to use for you. Get enough rest and be yourself at all times.

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