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15,700 crore Rupees invested in SIPs and Mutual Funds in last two months

The total net flow in terms of equity rose at a rate of 13% in the month of October to about 12,622 crore rupees compared to the previous months in the year.

SIP & Mutual funds investment

It is still surprising how the systematic investment plans and the mutual funds have been able to grow their stock in recent years.The mutual fund being a way of making profit at any convenient time as long as you have your cash at hand and their SIP such allows you to make money on a fixed level have taken the lead in the involvement in some transactions which includes the rising participation of people in the program.

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In India, the systematic investment plan and the mutual funds have had a progressive growth over the years but the sudden turnaround of these investments in the last two months seems to amaze the general population. The mutual funds have been able to meet the essential needs and requirements of the people and lots of individuals now wants to participate in the program while some have already been involved with the rise in the stock of the investment program.

Investment in last two months

The systematic investment plans have experienced a tremendous increase in stocks according to the association dealing with mutual funds. The systematic investment plan has shown about 40% increase in its MARKET value in the recent month as compared to the previous year. This increase in value of investment has led to the retail investors around to pumpa huge sum of 15,700 crore rupees to the systematic investment plans of the mutual funds in India. The mutual fund has experienced a turnaround due to therecent 30% rise I it’s stock over the last two months, especially in the month of October which opened an avenue for new investment to the company over time.

SIPs & mutual funds investment

The business has experienced a big inflow after the recent outflow which occurred within the early months in the year. The total net flow in terms of equity rose at a rate of 13% in the month of October to about 12,622 crore rupees compared to the previous months in the year.

Mutual funds investment growth

With the observation made over the past years with the 30% growth rate in retail folios, a 14 percent growth rate in the retail AUM and over 40% growth in the systematic investment plans contributions.With the turnout in the past two months it is possible to have a spectacular increase in the value of goods and services and the investment in mutual funds will be a stepping stone to more success and the future that lies with the systematic investment plans.

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However, there was a significant net inflow in liquid schemes were Rs 55,296 crore in October, a strong recovery after strong outflows in September. This has make u easier for people to want to invest more of their money in the mutual funds and gain better through the awesome program.

For everyone who want to benefit more from the mutual funds, the investment in the last month of the year and the early part of next year can bring a sufficient amount of return back into your account as a really nice profit. Since profit is the driving force of the mutual funds, you should stake high to receive more with the optimum turnout of the program in recent time.

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