Sony Films hits $212 Million profit in third quarter amid Coronavirus

Sony Films hits $212 Million profit in Q3

Sony Films and TV company hits 20% profit in this third quarter. This Japanese company posts $212 net profit from its films and TV company.

In the year 2019, Sony films and tv collected $51 million in profit.
From October to December 2020, profits gain to 20% and hit a new $212 million point.

Sony Music records company also gains a 21% increase in revenue.

Now after this quarter revenue updates, the company also expects a much higher profit from this year till March 2021.

Stock market today Wednesday Updates

Today’s market also goes well for Amazon Stocks with a growth of 1.11% or an increase in the stock price of 37 USD.
CCIV Stocks prices increased more than expected with a 27.29% growth. And currently, the CCIV stock price is $32.14.
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd or baba stocks hit badly and get a loss of 3.81%. Now baba stock price is $254.50.

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