Stock Market Trading for beginners & balancing with Personal life

Becoming a pro cryptocurrency investor has many pros, but also certain disadvantages. Due to the high extensibility of the job, investors who don’t work for other organisations or bosses should do all the hard work themselves.

Stock market trading for beginners

To become an expert at what you do, you need to commit yourself to the work. The more effort you put into a goal, the sooner you will reach it. However, there is a thin line between attaining your goals and experiencing burnout due to poor work-life balance, particularly in this day and age.

In an attempt to achieve better results, some people tend to overlook other valuable things in life, such as friends, family, hobbies, and often themselves. It can happen in any profession, be it writing, sales, entrepreneurship, or trading. And while such an approach can turn profitable in no time, it’s far from efficient. Not being able to balance professional with personal life can quickly lead to burnout and ruin your relationships with people. Sometimes, overworking yourself can even cause health problems.

Unfortunately, this pattern of behavior can often be seen in professional crypto traders, due to the complexity of the job and the market volatility. To become a professional, you need to put your best effort into the work.

However, what does it mean to become a professional?

Does it have to come with such side-effects? 

Can you be a professional crypto trader and still maintain the best equilibrium?

Today, we are going to tackle the issue of maintaining a strong balance between work and personal life, to get the best out of both worlds.

Before we start, let’s get something out of the way. There can be many definitions and criteria describing what a professional crypto trader is supposed to be like. Some will say having a net worth larger than $1 million is what makes you an expert. According to others, it’s the circles you are in, and the type of work you do.

However, while the million-dollar trades, and knowing Warren Buffet might seem like a sign of success, they are not the most peculiar characteristics.

stock market trading for beginners

To become a professional in what you do, be it crypto trading or any other occupation, you need to possess the right mindset and emotional stability. Ultimately, you need to consider your profession just as work, and not mix it with your life.

The Importance of Balancing Work and Personal Life

Becoming a pro cryptocurrency investor has many pros, but also certain disadvantages. Due to the high extensibility of the job, investors who don’t work for other organizations or bosses should do all the hard work themselves. That means scheduling, planning, managing the work, etc. However, it also indicates that, as your own boss, you get to decide when to work, and for how long. Understanding that you, too, need a break, will save you from burnout and will help you make the best out of the job.

Balancing your work with your personal life means being able to spend enough time with your friends and family, have time for yourself and your hobbies, while at the same time managing your business without any losses.

It’s the only way to go if you want long-term success.

If that isn’t enough, here are three more reasons why you need to find and maintain your life-work balance.

Less Stress

Overworking yourself can lead to one of the most common problems with professionals nowadays – stress. If you want to avoid trade losses, you need to handle stress first. That is why balancing work without losing on your personal life is a must.

Work Detox

Taking a break is a necessity. That means taking regular work pauses that will provide work detox, including problems that can arise from long sitting, physical issues, and mental blocks.

Better Mental Health

Too much work affects your mental health, from causing anxiety to severe depression. Professional crypto traders need to be aware of the mental health dangers that can arise without the proper life-work balance, and find ways to deal with this properly.

Here are some of the best ways to maintain a healthy balance between your professional and personal life, while maximizing the benefits of both.

Three Steps to Maintain the Perfect Balance

1.    Prioritizing Goals

What are your goals and objectives? If you have the answer to this question, you are already on a good path. Crypto trading is important, and as a professional crypto trader, you are most likely using it as a primary source of income. Therefore, it’s understandable why you put time and effort into this. However, is it more important than other things and people in your life?

By knowing your priorities, you will be able to apply better time management and, if needed, change your schedule to something that will incorporate both your work and your personal life in your 24 hours per day.

To cut down on spending too much time following the market charts, we recommend you start using automated crypto trading terminals. An excellent example of this is Superorder, as the platform will maximize your profits by minimizing the time you spend analyzing the markets. That way you will be able to focus on your other goals and objectives, without fearing that you are going to miss out on anything.

2.    Making a Good Strategy

Related to what was said earlier, making a good plan will help you prioritize your objectives and it will help you establish better time management. Automation can also help, by removing the emotion factor in trading and minimizing fear and greed. You only need a good strategy applied to the terminal, which you can put it to the test and optimize it. Overall, think when you want to trade and come up with a good plan.

3.    Knowing When to Stop

As a professional, you need to know when to stop, a problem that can be solved through automated trading. In other words, it will protect you from losing on profit due to the emotional factor in trading, and it will also allow you to spend time without worrying too much about your work.

Other Ways to Keep the Balance

Other tips can help you establish, and maintain a healthy balance between work and the rest of your life including the following:

  • Regular physical exercise.
  • Organized workspace where you have all the needed data at all times.
  • Focusing on trading only during work hours.
  • Restricting work outside your working hours.
  • Setting boundaries and respecting them.

Finally, giving yourself a break from work is not considered unprofessional. As a matter of fact, if you want to be good at what you do, you need to take time to recharge your batteries. There are different exercises to help you with this, such as Wheel of Life – a way to evaluate and compare different work-life aspects.

If you want to try it out, you can do it here and here, or make your own Wheel of Life. And remember, trading is a profession, so don’t allow it to take over your life.

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