Wells Fargo Reflect Credit Card Review 2023 – Eligibility, How to apply, Pros-Cons

Your annual income and existing debts will also influence Reflect Credit Card approvals.

Wells Fargo Reflect Credit Card Eligibility –

  1. Like all other balance transfer credit cards, one will need a credit score of 660-850 to qualify for the Wells Fargo Reflect Credit Card 2023.
  2. The applicant must have at least a FICO Credit Score of 600.
  3. Before applying, please be aware that Wells Fargo does set limits on who is eligible for their introductory offers. The Bank might say that the applicant is not eligible for the introductory annual percentage rates, bonus, or fees if they had opened a Wells Fargo Credit card within the last 15 months from their current date of application.
  4. The applicant might not be eligible if they had opened another Wells Fargo credit card in the past six months.

How to Apply for Wells Fargo Reflect Credit Card –

  1. Log on
  2. Select Wells Fargo Reflect Credit Card from the image.
  3. Click on Apply button
  4. Then a new webpage would be opened with the question, “Are you a Wells Fargo online customer?”
  5. If you are the customer, you can click Yes, enter your username and password, and continue.
  6. If you click on No, you need to enter all the details about yourself.
  7. You must enter your middle, first, and last names. The suffix column is optional.
  8. Enter the SSN/ITIN.
  9. Enter the Date of Birth.
  10. Enter the country of citizenship.
  11. Enter your mother’s maiden name.
  12. Then you have to enter your address and contact details.
  13. After that, one needs to specify financial information.
  14. Enter your housing status.
  15. Enter your monthly mortgage or rent payment if applicable.
  16. Enter your employment status.
  17. Then you can see one additional card option. Click on the box if you want to add an authorized user. Then you need to enter the details.
  18. Then you need to go to the terms and conditions.
  19. Need to give consent to the electronic delivery.
  20. You need to give consent to obtain the mobile information.
  21. Go through the terms and conditions in detail.
  22. Click on the box at the bottom that you have read and agree to all the certifications.

Wells Fargo Reflect Credit card – Pros

If you are looking for a balance transfer card, then Wells Fargo Reflect Card is offering a very generous zero percentage intro APR for a period of 18 months from the account opening on purchases and the qualifying balance transfers. Also, note that an intro APR extension of 3 months coupled with the on-time minimum payments during the intro and extension period is also available. A variable 17.24% -29.24% APR would be applied after this period. Also, the balance transfers made within 120 days would qualify for the intro rates.

Below are the pros of the Wells Fargo Reflect Credit Card 2023

  • Insurance on the Cell Phone- The user would be getting free insurance for a maximum of two claims of $600 each per year, but they should be paying their credit card bill with their card, and this benefit is subjected to a fee of $25 deduction.
  • My Money App- Users can use Wells Fargo’s online budgeting tool. By this, they can track their spending by category. It will also help them create a budget and save for future goals. One can also make a roadmap to pay their own debt.
  • There is a 24/7 on-demand referral dispatch network that would provide emergency roadside assistance, locksmith, or towing service when the need arises.
  • There will be no annual charges levied on the card.
  • Also, through their deals, users can access personalized deals from various merchants. Users can also earn cashback as an account credit when shopping, dining, etc.
  • They provide zero introductory percentage rates. Customers who would meet the transfer eligibility requirements would be able to use this in a tactical way to acquire an interest-free loan on any new purchases and pay down the existing debt instead of paying the increasing interest. Irrespective of whether the user is making new purchases or transferring debt from the existing card, they need to pay off their balance during the promotional period. They would also need to make the minimum monthly payments during the promotional period to avoid the other fees and maintain their credit scores.

Wells Fargo Reflect credit card – Cons

First, users feel relaxed knowing that the approval of these cards is not a tough process. Just only have a credit score of 700+, which is considered good credit. Your annual income and existing debts will also influence this thing. Wells Fargo has now launched a credit card for users who have purchased for nearly two years without any interest charges and need extended purchasing flexibility. Users must have a 660 credit score for the approval of this card. The criteria of this credit card are also very easy and useful to users.

The minimum payment amount is 25$ or 1 % of the statement balance, plus fees, past due amount, and interest, whichever is higher. Users can use it in many ways; the company provides different methods, such as by phone, online, and mobile app. If the users are looking for cash back, the well Fargo active cash is the better option. There is some basic information about it that users have to know about that. Users have to activate their Wells Fargo credit card but do not worry; it will not be so tough; it’s quite an easy and quick process, so users should be able to start using their card within minutes of receiving it.

You can access up to $500 daily from your credit card account. This is a basic need of our day-to-day life and becomes our life easy for such types of facilities; in America, cards are a very common thing and have a 5-star rating on this. One more thing about these cards is very interesting, and that is these cards will give you plenty of time to pay down debt or finance a large purchase without being charged interest, but it does not offer much in terms of ongoing value.

Users can check the review towards it and find out its rating, which is so helpful in clearing their confusion because this card is an ideal card for consumers who want to access low intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for a lengthy period of time. The main benefit of this is 0% annual fees and 0% intro APR up to 21 months for account opening and score between 650 to 850, regular APR is 17.24% to 29.24% variable, and cellphones protection, roadside dispatch, zero liability protection are all very useful and beneficial to users.

Featured Image Credit: Wells Fargo

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