What does the bible say about finances?

What does the bible say about finances?

There are many places in the bible where God talked about finances and how to spend your money wisely. The bible talks about how to make your budget in Luke 14:28 where it says you should live within your means. Most of us are constantly running after money and the material things of the world but we have all forgotten what the bible says management of your finances in Romans 12:2 and john 8:31-32.

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In proverbs chapter 21 verse 20, it talks about saving where the bible says you should not consume all your wealth and save for a safety net. It not by chance the bible talks about this. The humans of today spend money lavishly without remembering that raining days are still coming.

What does the bible say about finances?

Let me give an example of someone that borrows money but could not pay back at the right time and now started running helter-skelter to get the money paid, have you forgotten in the bible that it says a borrower is a slave to the lender in proverb chapter 22 verse seven.  There are many financial management courses for Christians and these can provide you with financial strategies and how to save and also to avoid being a slave to a creditor.

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Some tips to financial freedom

  • Wise spending. The bible has talked about it when it said you should live within your means but I also say to you that you should live below your means so that you can save. And you have also read it in the bible when Jesus said that a penny saved is a penny saved but I must also say to you that the penny saved is more than the penny you earn because the savings doesn’t not have tax imposed on it. The amount of money you put into something determines the amount to get. This also show in investment. When you invest greatly with higher risk, you have greater profit.
  • For this has been said in the bible that blessed are those that saves for rainy day for when rain comes, they shall remain dry. Frugality is something that should not be overlooked if you want to have financial freedom. The bible also makes it clear that blessed are those that are content with nothing more than the food and cloths as they shall see themselves as rich and blessed with anything more.
  • You must have read it in the bible in Ecclesiastes chapter eleven verse one to two you should expand or spread your investments into many branches as you do not know the one that disaster will come over anytime. In companies nowadays, this idea has really helped them to sustain their affairs and finances and does not get them bankrupt by diversifying their investment into many branches.
  • Contented with Godliness. God does not just give man power to do anything, he also gives us power to make wealth and riches and this was proven in the book of genesis chapter thirteen verse two and first chronicles chapter twenty-nine verse twelve. You should be contented with whatever you have because excess desire for money and wealth leads to destruction. In first timothy chapter six verse eight, the bible made mentioned of us been contented even if all we have is cloth and food.

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  • Have your trust in God and not in Riches. It has become ideology in this present world that our financial problems or any other problems can be solved with money but truly the bible has said it that we should trust in God and not in riches. First timothy chapter six verse one said you shouldn’t trust in uncertain riches but in the God that gives the riches. Riches are uncertain things that we do not know when it will come and when it will go.
  • Hardworking but not for the purpose of getting rich. The bible said something about this in proverb chapter twenty-three verse four that labour not to be rich and cease from thine own wisdom. The same bible also completed this statements in psalm chapter one hundred twenty-seven verse two that it is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late and eat a food from sadness that is why he gave you sleep.
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