What is in-house financing

What is in-house financing

In-house financing is a situation whereby the seller of a property provide loan to a buyer in other to buy the property from him (seller). What is In-house financing and proper definition being, it is a type of owner financing which looks into how to get rid of the problems of their buyers borrowing money from any financial institution that is bank by providing them with loan. Most in-house financing sellers partner with another entity for the provision of loan for their buyers.

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This is usually so because the sellers do not have money to provide loan to the buyer. Some companies that practices in-house financing are car retailing companies, real estate managements companies etc.

In-house financing in Real estate managements:

In real estate managements, they deal with selling and buying of house. They can buy house from the owner and sells it to another buyer. Real estate agents can decide to provide loan to any buyer who want to buy the house.

what is in-house financing

He did this for the purpose of getting the house off the list of houses in his hands. They provide promissory notes and in conjunction with the buyer, they sign it. The promissory notes include the agreement on how the mortgage payment would be made, the interest rate and the finance charge on the defaults.

Car retailing companies in-house financing:

Car retailers creates funds in form of loans to their buyers to get their car sold out to the buyer. They get buyers who does not have enough money to buy the car loan since the car selling is always on auto loan. The buyers of the car finance the car by providing interest rate on the car bought.

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Other retailers that provide in-house financing are appliances store retailers, equipment manufacturers.

Reasons for in-house financing

  • The retailers go into in-house financing for the purpose of getting the property off their list. In-house financing helps the retailer get the property off on time to avoid the cost of caring for the property
  • The tax on the property is removed from the seller immediately the car is sold out on in-house financing
  • They try to get the property out in time to prevent loss before the property loses its value. Some properties like cars are not assets but rather a liability that gets more money to itself when it starts developing faults. The car price reduces when the value start reducing.

Things to consider in starting in-house financing

  • The capital at hand should be consider. As a retailer, you should have enough capital to start in-house financing because apart from the money you use in buying the property, you also have to provide loan to the buyer to buy the property from you which means if a property is sold for a particular amount, you should have the double of that amount in hand.
  • Consider the trustworthiness of the person financing the property. You should consider if the buyer is trustworthy and will be able to make the mortgage payment unless you will have to suffer the defaults alone.
  • Consider going into partnership business with an entity that can provide loan to buyers if you do not have the capital to in-house finance.
  • The third party you partner with to give loan to your buyers must be trustworthy too. It is preferable not to be friend or family who you might not be able to sue if he betray your trust.
  • Consider the value of the property to be sold before buying it. If it’s a property that increases in value with time or property that has its value reduced with time. If it’s a property that has its value reduced with time, it might be a problem as you might not be able to get it out to any buyer on time and this might cause the profit in the property to reduce but if its property that has its value increased with time, fine. I would advise you to buy property that increases in value with time has you get more profit from the sale especially if you in-house financing.

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What is in-house financing, here both the seller and the buyer gains as the seller gets the property sold on time and get the property off the list with the enjoyment of interest coming in on the property while the buyer do not have to go through the stress of banks in getting loan from them.

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