Yahoo finance

Yahoo finance

Yahoo finance is site on internet network that supplies financial information without any need for subscription. This financial information is basically for any investor or anybody that want to know more of it either for educational purpose or for research or for knowing sake. Yahoo finance provides a reliable information for people who either want to invest independently or want to keep abreast of information on business. This information is provided in way that is brief but very understandable to user of the site.

Yahoo financing provides with free stock quotes and the portfolio resource management including the day to day news and the international market data.

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At the home page of the site, it is screened with some news on finances and stories on finance which can be public finance or corporate finance. It also include the world exchange rate, the commodity pricing and bond yields including links to get access to the information and tools used in the finance sector.

Yahoo finance

The home page includes some links like the market data, the portfolios, the bottom line and many other links.

Yahoo finance portfolio

The portfolios are a type of tool of the yahoo finance that has the user have access and follow securities on interests and mock portfolio giving them the opportunity to create, view portfolios and the ability to synchronize the accounts created with other accounts. Mostly, the page got added to with the data the investors are willing and want to view as well as the amount and value of the shares which was purchased. It gets better and easier to use in being tracked when the portfolio page created is synchronized with the mobile device used.

Market data has the securities like stocks, shares bonds, mutual funds and other asset type like the commodities currency and options included in it. When this link is clicked, it loads to bring up all the options listed above including some which will actually show up. Any of this can be clicked depending on the information you want. For example, if stock is clicked under the options displayed on clicking market data on the home page, another page would show up showing the US data and the indices of the world and how the market moves in percentage either increasing rate or the decreasing rate which shows the gainers and the losers. It also shows the advances and the tickers with the decliner.

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When each category of this link is toggled, it allows the users too be able to pick any that is very convenient in opening a new page which has being dedicated to that entity which was selected. The stock specific data is usually found if listed in the market data – click and the quote lookup. In the market data-click, which is usually referred to as the market stats and this is usually located at the two third down of the page at the right side of the page. In this part of the link, it gives investors the link to other information and some of this can be the stock research center, stock screen-er with the earning calendar and the economic indicators. The purpose of each of this links is to give the evidence of capabilities of the yahoo finance by giving an extra ability and the usefulness of data to users in selection of securities and analysis.

The quote box of the link get the users to be in direct contact with the stock’s home page which carries the options which are on the link at the left side which includes the news and information, analyst coverage, quotes chart, the financial ownership and the finances itself. Press release which is clicked to show the full story on the link is located at the bottom of the page. The right side shows the key statics, company description and key analyst and analyst estimate which get to the full data.

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The bottom line shows the wall streets provided by yahoo finance and how investors that are not yet professionals to easily get too acting like wall streets. The website lacks professional services, but gives the users enough data to get selected and making of investment decision after analyzing in a simple way.

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